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Go to Home pageNew User page & register for free.

Update Routes

Select start & destination location on Google maps.

Update Profile

Enter profile, social, car & driving Info for others to choose you as favorites.

Choose Favorites

View on Google map members near you, look at their profile and send or accept favorite requests.

On Mobile

On a particular day: Choose Start time & your decision to “Offer a Ride”/”Get a Ride” Plan your trip with “Neighbors”/”Favorites” already made.

1. Make Daily Trips:Latest version of Let‘s Drive Along Android Mobile Application is in Google Play store and Apple iTunes App store Download

2. Invite: Join an existing planned trip by your “Neighbor”/ ”Favorite”, OR plan a ride and “Invite” them to join

3. Points Exchange: After the “Neighbor”/ “Favorites” confirms the trip start, points equivalent to the KMs traversed are debited from the carpool buddy “Taking a Ride” and credited to the buddy “Offering a Ride”. Physical money is not exchanged in LDA