Friends of LDA

Rama N S

CEO at Electronics City Association(ELCIA)

Traffic on Bangalore roads is getting worse by the day and reducing cars on the road can make a big difference. Let’s drive along has initiated carpooling to bring down the number of cars on the road. Car owners want to get the right type of colleagues to car pool and companies need to know the effectiveness of carpooling to promote it among employees. LDA addresses requirements of both individuals and companies including safety and flexibility of commute. Let us carpool to reduce carbon footprint, car parking and enjoy the drive with colleagues.

Mukul Agarwal

x-VP & India Manager of UNISYS

I am happy to endorse LDA, a great way to share a ride within a trusted network. A great boon for Bangalore’s over-stressed roads and very limited parking spaces. I found the LDA mobile app pretty comprehensive, yet simple to use.

Prof. M N Sreehari

Advisor to Govt of Karnataka for Traffic,Transportation & Infrastructure and Expert member in ABIDe

Most of us experience traffic congestion, delays in our already congested roads of Bangalore. One of the satisfactory solution being car-pooling which can bring down driving stress at least for few days in a week. With Let’s Drive Along being flexible and secure car-pooling, I do hope that many people adopt carpooling through LDA to help oneself and for the greater good of the society.

Vishnu Swaminathan

Leader South Asia in Ashoka - Innovators for public, Mentor-Let’s Drive Along

The world is chaging fast and everywhere we need to collaborate for success. At work, at home and in public occassions, working together has become the norm. In the use of public spaces, we are still so individualistic. We need our own cars and vehicles, which has led us to occupying an undue amount of personal space in the roads. The future is about sharing and the time is now, car-pooling is the way to solve our major bottlenecks on our streets. LDA allows to do it in ease and in style, join today to make our roads a better place

Dr. Bhavani Akkapedi

Professor, Xavier's Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Bengaluru

Let’s Drive Along is flexible, reliable and secure. I like the idea that no money is involved and as a car owner you need to carpool by turns. This effectively reduces number of cars on the road, saves on fuel and public infrastructure can be effectively utilized. A must have app for people stuck in traffic, in Metropolitan cities worldwide. Share your car, carpool