"LetsDriveAlong" in short is LDA, LDA is for car-owners to share the car and reduce traffic on the city roads. LDA is Indiaís only legal carpooling application, Free, No money exchange, point to point, Flexible, Secure carpooling for car-owners.

All LDA users are from the car owner's community. On a particular day, there are 2 types of roles : "Offer a Ride" if you take out your car, OR a "Get a Ride" if you are asking for a ride.

LDA brings technology to facilitate carpooling. There are many differentiators, below is the list of few key differentiators

a. No Money exchange
User takes turns to take out the car. Only points are exchanged and no kind of money is exchanged between users. At the start during registration, every user is credited by 50 points. User who takes the ride (chooses "Get a Ride" option) is debited by equivalent to the distance and the number of carpool buddies in the car. All the debited points are credited to the user who gives the ride (user with Offer a ride option)

b. Flexible set of pool buddies:
In conventional car-pooling an individual is committed to a pool of buddies which one car can accommodate. In LDA, you can have a list of as many car pool mates as possible.

b. Flexible timing:
In conventional car-pooling, time is fixed. Every day you need to stick to one start time & one return time. In LDA, you decide your start time and then find car-pool mates from your list.

LDA is for car owners and not open for all commuters. Ride sharing services allows non car owners to enter into the system. There is a possibility for a car owner to earn more than he spends in ride sharing services. In LDA it is purely on a cost sharing basis, there is no profit orientation. Cost saved is money gained in LDA.

On a particular day, user can choose to decide on a new start time, find car-pool mates suiting your time or opt to not car-pool that day. Once there is a commitment, system enables to adhere to the commitment.

In LDA, we equate KMs travelled to Points. If one individual drives 20 Kms without sharing, he/she consumes all the 20 Points. If he/she car-pools with one individual, consumption becomes 10 Points each. Whoever takes a ride is debited 10 Points and whoever drives, his/her account is credited the same 10 Points. User who Offers a Ride gets the sum of points debited from all the users who Get a Ride. Points debited or credited from an individual user depend on the total common distance commuted divided by the users in the car.

LDA Currently works with Android & iOS platforms.

LDA allows you to prepare a list of possible car-pool mates. On a particular day, you can choose with whom you want to go along. You can choose to carpool with Favorites only or even with Neighbors

All users in 2 KMS of home and going towards your office destination of 2 KMS range is listed in the Dashboard (Home page). This list of all users is called Neighbors in LDA. Userís can choose to make their Neighbors as Favorites. Favorites are similar to Connections in Linked-in or Friends in Facebook. User can send a Favorite request to the desired Neighbor on acceptance of Favorite Request Neighbor becomes Favorite.

No. Points equivalent to the KMS traversed are debited from your account and credited to the user who drives you (User with Offer a Ride) account. Physical money is not to be exchanged in LDA. Debit of points happens when you confirm the ride has started by saying I am on-board in the mobile app.

User should have enough Points (equivalent to the Kms to be travelled) to take a ride. If there are enough Points from the previous trips, yes you can opt be a companion(Get a Ride) for as long as you have points in your account.

No, Fuel Points once earned will not expire. It will be in your account and can be used at any time later.

LDA members will be credited with 50 Points(FP) as soon as you sign-in.You will earn more Points as you Offer a Ride to your Neighbors / Favorites

LDA is for all car owners who travel to office and have users/friends travelling in the same direction.

Favorite feature helps you to beat the stranger danger scenario, there are 3 major use of having Favorites in LDA
1. Only your Favorite can view your mobile number not all Neighbors, Without Favorite, You are left to do all the talking through the CHAT feature with your neighbors
2. When you or your Favorite plan a ride, it gets auto-notified for your Favorite or you to join. Otherwise you need to manually send the ride invite to your Neighbour
3. Ontime Location request can be sent to Favorites. Distance between the Favorite and you will be reported.

LDA is for all car owners who travel to office and have users/friends travelling in the same direction.

Usage of LDA service is free for all individual car-owners.