Overcomes the limitation of existing car pooling

LDA allows to create an unlimited list of secure car-poolmates. User has an option to choose the start time, every day a new time is possible with LDA.

LDA, breaks the barrier

Save money

LDA provides the framework to get connected with your buddies and enables fuel costs savings upto 80%.

LDA, means to save money

Dynamic Car-pooling

Individuals can find their buddies using Google maps and make a list of possible car-pool mates. On any particular day, use smart phone to set your start time and find buddies.

LDA, the new paradigm for commuting

Flexible system

LDA allows to have different start time every day, and also to make a decision of Sarathi/companion.

LDA accomodates

Car-pool on demand

On a particular day, user has an option to car-pool or not. No everyday commitment.

LDA, only when you want

Reduce traffic congestion

More cars on the road, worse the congestion gets. If people can fill the empty seats in their cars with other riders, the drive becomes smoother for everyone.

LDA, the decongestion formula

Scalable solutions

As LDA user base grows, the number of empty seats & over all cost on fuel expenses get reduced. For LDA users, options to find buddies will increase.

Things get better with LDA

Healthy you

LDA helps you to be with your buddies all the way to and fro of your commute and aids in reducing drive fatigue.

LDA, the stressbuster

Social Networking

LDA lets you carpool with people in your extended social network: Helps you meet like-minded folks and have a great time car-pooling.

LDA, stay in touch

Save earth

In the recent years, rate of increase in vehicle population is alarming to the well being of planet earth. Adopt LDA to save the planet.

LDA, If You love mother Earth.