SPANTAD Solutions: "Bridging Technology & Demand". Our vision is to harness the growing technology to solve problems and ease life.

Our first solution is for the people living in big cities. Traffic is everyday juggle for most of us. There are many initiatives from government, traffic police and other organisations to ease this situation. Infrastructure expansion is one of the ways, but comes at a huge cost and time. Solution from existing infrastructure is a challenge. We see car-pooling addresses this challenge to a great extent. Unfortunately car-pooling is spoken high but practiced low. We at Spantad are offering a solution that uses the latest technology to improve effectiveness in car-pooling. This provides an opportunity for very car-owner to practice car-pool & corporate, agencies to track the benefits from the measurable car-pooling initiative. "Let's Drive Along" solution is a first of its kind in the world to bring more people together to car-pool. Our idea is unique in the world and awaiting patent grant.

We welcome you to use LDA, save money, reduce commuting stress and be a part of the 'solution' and not 'pollution'. Save Mother Earth!